Twitter users: please support the #translatetwitter campaign.

Twitter.com is a great service, but it’s pages are only available on English (and Japanese) If you want the Twitter staff to translate it to your language or others, please ReTwitt this «@twitter please #translatetwitter» (or similar), blog about it, use the #translatetwitter hashtag to make it Trending Topic and contact the Twitter staff. Thanks!

More info:

@biz @twitter @jack are the founders and admins of Twitter.com You can twitt them about this campaign, like this «@biz @jack please #translatetwitter» or «@biz @jack por favor #traduzcanTwitter al Español»

If you are a digg.com user, you can digg this #translateTwitter post on digg.com

You can see this campaign in action on Twitter Search translatetwitter

My twitter user is @N3RI

Esta campaña surgió primero en castellano con este post

Acá una visión de cómo se vería Twitter en español:

Campaña: twitter en español

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