Internet People (letra y todos los videos)

Drama Prairie Dog

It all started with South Park and the Star Wars kid,
Numa Numa did his thing and the back arm boys lip synced.

Napster bad Winnebago guy mad,
bert is evil, Goatse, along came Jib Jab.
G I Joe public service cartoons,
You’re the man now, Dog!
smash monkeys like the moon.
Andy Milonakis sang the superbowl is gay!
Ask a ninja answer questions,
average homeboy Denny blaze.

Lonely girl was not alone,
They were house of Cosby clones,
Chad Vader Ramsey frank and the lazy Sunday rap.
Kid from brooklyn, bubb rubb,
George Lucas in love.
Kramer lost his mind at a comedy club!


My Space the movie and the Chuck Norris list.
We heard a lot of stories from the Geriatric.
I kiss you guy’s kissin,
– Stanley Kubrik audition,
Leroy Jenkins doesn’t listen,
Homestar runner on a mission.

Internet People!
Internet People!

The grape stomping lady who fell on her face.
Paris Hilton sex tape and all your base.
Coke and Mentos and the OK Goz,
the shining trailer remix like it was Cameron Crowe’s.
There was a sneezing baby panda, and my dick in a box.
Rocket boom Amanda and all the yacht rocks.

There were snakes on a plane,
angry German kids insane,
otters holding hands and my man Dax Flame.
Bride gets pissed and starts cutting her hair.
The Presidents gets dissed by Steven Colbert.
Little Superstar’s got the moves,
lightning bolts from Larping dudes,
– Kelly Shopping for some shoes,
– Oprah zapped by Tom Cruise.

Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People! (We love you!)
Internet People!

Why did Nerdy bye Wierd Al,
K-Fed playing Popozao!
Washington,Washington embarrased Ashlee Simpson,
Boom Goes the Dynamite, Lily Tomlin in a fight,
Peanut Butter Jelly time,
The house with all the Christmas lights,
– Captain Kirk does «Rocketman»,
Evolution of Dance,
people getting hurt,
– and talking to the web cam.

Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People! (Who are you?)! Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People! (Chocolate Rain)!
Internet People! (Who are you?)!
Internet People!

(I like turtles!)

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